About UV-CSafe​

Ultraviolet light in the C Spectrum (UV-C) is energy-rich light with a wavelength of 10 Nanometers (NM) up to over 400 (NM). UV-C light is very versatile and can be used to disinfect Germs & Viruses (including COVID-19) on surfaces and in the air destroying the harmful micro-organisms.

We use only the proper wavelengths to eliminate any human cell damage.

It now cleans the AIR & HANDS!
“We have secured the Rights to incorporate and sell The patented 222nm Human-SAFE UV Lighting."

Our Company Mission

We are in unprecedented times filled with fear and uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic has heightened awareness of and importance of clean indoor air and spaces. Here at UV-C SAFE, Inc. Our goal is to help businesses and institutions through these challenging times and provide solutions to help give peace of mind and rebuild trust being indoors. We strive to be thought leaders, educators and promote health and wellness throughout our community.

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Bio-Defense Tech

Our mission is to create the most innovative quality of life solutions by engaging in a multifaceted technology-based non-pharmaceutical pandemic countermeasure within the fields of research, design, manufacture, and sale of photon and proton management solution technologies to mitigate the impacts of epidemics and prevent future pandemics.

222nm Far UV-C excimer lamp modules

UV-C SAFE, INC. is proud to Introduce filtered 222nm Far UV-C excimer lamp modules for microbial reduction applications. Germicidal Transaction Portals.

Filtered modules can be safely used in unoccupied and occupied spaces without posing a health risk to humans when used within the current exposure limits recommended by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) or the requirements of IEC 62471. Exposure within the current ACGIH recommendations and IEC requirements allow microbial reductions using 222nm far-UVC light sources in occupied spaces. Recent studies indicate that higher doses of filtered UV light emitted from the Units at 222nm Is SAFE and poses NO health risk to human skin or eyes.

UV-CSAFE Transactions Portal Front View

Features of the UV-C SAFE

Features of the UV-C SAFE Germicidal Transaction Portal allows customers to obtain 100% light output in less than a second, whereas conventional germicidal lamps start at only 50% output and take several minutes to achieve 100% output.

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The featured Far-UV-C highly efficient 222nm excimer lamps and a patented filter that eliminates dangerous longer wavelengths of more than 225nm in an enclosed housing.